Drug Court Review Vol. 9 Issue 1

Drug Court Review Vol. 9 Issue 1

Drug Court Review Volume 9, Issue 1


Research Reports

The Efficacy of Enhanced Alcohol Use Monitoring: An Examination of the Effects of EtG/EtS Screening on Participant Performance in Drug Courts

Benjamin R. Gibbs ---- William Wakefield


Is There a Role for Extended-Release Naltrexone in Drug Courts? Results of a Pilot Study

Michael W. Finigan --- Tamara Perkins --- James E. Sullivan ---James A. Kandrevas


Alternative Tracks for Low-Risk and Low-Need Participants in a Misdemeanor Drug Court: Preliminary Outcomes

Karen L. Dugosh --- David S. Festinger --- Nicolle T. Clements --- Douglas B. Marlowe


Measuring Team Members' Satisfaction in Drug Courts: An Instrument to Gauge the Component Disciplines in Drug Court

Gerald Melnick --- Harry K. Wexler --- Sonali Rajan


Maintaining Fidelity to the Juvenile Drug Court Model: Let's Not Throw the Baby Out with the Bath Water

Shannon M. Carey --- Jacqueline van Wormer --- Juliette R. Mackin


Communication in Drug Courts: The Consensus-Building Enhancement

Gerald Melnick --- Harry K. Wexler --- Mark Zehner

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