Fact Sheets

Fact Sheets

National Impaired Driving Prevention Month: The Importance of DWI Courts

December 2016
Justice Programs Office

The Role of Prosecutors in Drug Treatment Courts

December 2016
By Anna Koozmin

The Role of Veterans Justice Outreach Specialists in Veterans Treatment Courts

November 2016
By Kierra Zoellick

The Urgency to Address Trauma in Our Treatment Courts: What It Means to Be Trauma-Informed

October 2016
By Monica Fuhrmann

A Challenging Design: Addressing Synthetic and Designer Drugs in Adult Drug Courts

October 2016
By Blaine Stum

Alternatives to Opioids for Chronic Pain Relief

By Sandra Lapham, MD, PhD
June 2016

Selecting and Using Risk and Need Assessments

December 2015
By Ralph C. Serin, PhD and Christopher T. Lowenkamp, PhD

Six Steps to Improve Your Drug Court Outcomes for Adults with Co-Occurring Disorders

April 2013
By Staff from NDCI and SAMHSA's GAINS Center for Behavioral Health and Justice Transformation

Extended-Release Naltrexone

September 2013
By Joshua D. Lee, M.D., M.Sc

Behavior Modification 101 for Drug Courts: Making the Most of Incentives and Sanctions

September 2012
By Douglas B. Marlowe, JD, PhD

Targeting the Right Participants for Adult Drug Courts Part I
argeting ther Right Participants for Adult Drug Courts Part II

March 2012
By Douglas B. Marlowe, JD, PhD

Alternative Tracks for Adult Drug Courts: Matching Your Program to the Needs of Your Clients

March 2012
By Douglas B. Marlowe, JD, PhD

Research Update on Family Drug Courts

May 2012
By Douglas B. Marlowe, JD, PhD and Shannon M. Carey, PhD

The Multisite Adult Drug Court Evaluation

May 2012
By Shelli B. Rossman, MA and Janine M. Zweig, PhD

The Facts on Marijuana

December 2010
By Douglas B. Marlowe, JD, PhD

Family Dependency Treatment Court

June 2006
Applying the Drug Court Model in Child Maltreatment Cases

The Marijuana Detection Window

April 2006
Determining the Length of Time Cannibinoids Will Remain Detectable in Urine Following Smoking: A Critical Review of Relevant Research and Cannibinoid Detection Guidance for Drug Courts.

Urine Drug Concentrations

January 2004
The Scientific Rationale for Eliminating the Use of Drug Test Levels in Drug Court Proceedings