National Drug Court Institute

National Drug Court Institute

The National Drug Court Institute (NDCI) is the preeminent source of cutting edge training and technical assistance to the Drug Court field, providing research-driven solutions to address the changing needs of treating substance-abusing offenders.

NDCI’s mission is to provide education, research and scholarship to the drug court field and other court intervention programs. NDCI is the Professional Services Branch of the National Association of Drug Court Professionals (NADCP); NDCI operates with support of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy and BJA.

Conducting over 100 training events annually, NDCI has helped our nation’s Drug Courts grow from 347 operational programs in 1998 to 2,559 operational Drug Courts as of December 31, 2010. Training over 71,000 Drug Court professionals since 1998, NDCI has provided training to a representative from every state and U.S. territory representing every discipline of the Drug Court team. Ensuring fidelity to the Drug Court model, NDCI has developed over 48 publications, fact sheets, and resource materials aimed at providing evidence-based strategies for developing, implementing and enhancing Drug Court programs.

Training and Technical Assistance

Training: NDCI uses a multi-tiered training curriculum, developed in conjunction with leading researchers in the field, to provide unparalleled instruction to Drug Court teams across the country.

Tier 1: Design A Drug Court
The Drug Court Planning Initiative (DCPI) is designed for local jurisdictional teams planning to implement a local Adult Drug Courts, Veterans Treatment Courts (VTC) and Tribal Healing to Wellness Courts (THWC).

Tier 2: Know Your Role
The Comprehensive Drug Court Practitioner Training Series is discipline-specific instruction for judges, prosecutors, law enforcement, defense attorneys, treatment providers and other key Drug Court professionals.

Tier 3: Advanced Training
These advanced subject-matter trainings target topical aspects of Drug Court operation to include:

  • Incentives & Sanctions: Re-Thinking Court Responses to Client Behavior
  • Treating and Supervising Meth Addicts in your Drug Court
  • Improving Your Drug Court Outcomes for Individuals with Co-Occurring Disorders
  • Ensuring the Long-term Sustainability of Drug
  • Adult and Juvenile Drug Court Operational “Tune-Ups” Courts

Technical Assistance: Many courts and practitioners cannot attend NDCI trainings and those that do require additional support once they return to their jurisdictions.

Tier 4: Ask An Expert

In response to these needs, NDCI provides office-based technical assistance to Drug Court programs nationwide and internationally. Averaging 30 events per month, this assistance can include one-on-one discussions, referral to experts and mentor courts, and direction to relevant research publications. Publications: Since 1998, the NDCI has published numerous professional publications and issue-specific fact sheets, while offering an extensive library of Drug Court publications for dissemination to the field. NDCI has:

 • Developed and disseminated 48 professional publications and fact sheets
 • Over 500,000 total publications distributed through trainings, mailing list dissemination and personal request
 • Over 45,000 individual requests for publications served to date
 • Disseminated newly-published resources to a growing mailing list of 15,700 Drug Court professionals and organizations, including: 100 colleges, universities, medical schools, health/research centers and law libraries
 • 10 Federal partners (BJA, NHTSA, NIJ, BJA, OJJDP, ONDCP, CSAT, DEA, FJC, GAO)

National Drug Court Resource Center (NDCRC) is a partnership between NDCI and the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA), U.S. Department of Justice.

NDCRC’s mission is to be the central repository of Drug Court information virtual and hard-copy. It provides “one-stop shopping” for Drug Court professionals to obtain sample forms, research updates, fact sheets, publications, and request training and technical assistance. NDCRC not only host materials by NADCP and its professional service branches, but also those materials from BJA and other agencies that provide training and technical assistance to Drug and other Problem-solving Courts.

NDCRC, however, is more than just a clearinghouse of information. It is also interactive. One way it does this is through the webinar series, “Tune in on Tuesdays.” These webinars provides Drug Court practitioners with cutting-edge research on emerging problems and issues. They are hosted on a select Tuesday of each month and are accessible on the NDCRC website within 3 to 5 days. NDCRC is also interactive through its online discussion board. .

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