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Topic: Trauma

Post Traumatic Stress and Trauma in Veterans Treatment Courts

This webinar covers issues related to trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder in veterans treatment courts, including: (1) the prevalence of trauma in justice-involved veterans, (2) how to recognize some symptoms of PTSD, and (3) co-occurring conditions related to trauma exposure.

Veterans Treatment Court Session 2: Understanding Military Discharge Characterizations

The topics in session 2 addressed focus also on issues faced by the families of veterans, including military family dynamics, perspectives regarding the effect of the military culture on drug use, family functioning, and medical treatment and recovery.

Veterans Treatment Court Webinar Session 1

This Webinar describes methods to assist attorneys and other members of a treatment team in diverting the client from his or her own symptoms – not only from confinement. It also identifies some risks inherent in the professional’s exposure to a Veteran’s own traumatic experiences.

Gender Specific Issues for Men – Effectively Engaging Men in Treatment

This webinar discusses relevant male gender issues that need to be incorporated in substance abuse treatment.

Evidence Based Interventions: Strategies to Engage and Retain Young Adults in Drug Court Programs

Presented by Andrew Osborne (NDRI), this presentation, the last of this series, discusses a list of suggested references related to young adults in drug courts, with specific articles regarding supervision, treatment, and assessment. Mr. Osborne also briefly describes several evidence based practice…

The Urgency to Address Trauma in our Treatment Courts: What It Means to be Trauma-Informed

This webinar was presented by Karen Johnson, LCSW, from the National Council for Behavioral Health. When the topic of trauma arises, many people initially think of veteran populations. However, traumatic experiences can result from a variety of events throughout a person’s life, including childhood…

Veterans Treatment Courts: 2015 Survey Results

The Justice Programs Office, a center in the School of Public Affairs, at American University (JPO at AU) is pleased to present the Veterans Treatment Courts: 2015 Survey Results. As part of the services provided by the U.S. Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Assistance’s (BJA) Adult Drug Cour…

The Urgency to Address Trauma in Our Treatment Courts: What It Means to Be Trauma-Informed

This document discusses the importance of being trauma informed and provides an overview of trauma care to create a better understanding of trauma and how to approach it.

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Addressing Trauma in Mental Health and Substance Use Treatment

This article assesses the need for trauma informed care when participating in mental health and substance abuse treatment.

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