Drug Court Review II

The second issue of the Drug Court Review academic journal is now released! This issue offers a collection of articles on innovative approaches, program implementation, and evaluation in the treatment court field.

How We Support Treatment Courts

Practical Resources

We provide treatment court professionals with the tools to improve practices and operations by:

  • Curating a library of sample operational documents
  • Notifying court programs of funding opportunities
  • Educating the field about the opioid crisis
  • Hosting live webinars

Research & Databases

We foster the exchange of research and scholarship in the treatment court field by:

  • Curating a library of scholarly research articles
  • Hosting an open database of relevant legislation
  • Mapping the country’s treatment courts
  • Publishing the Drug Court Review Journal
  • Peer-reviewed scholarly research articles

Engage the Field

We connect treatment court professionals to promote information sharing and learning opportunities by:

  • Presenting at local, state, and national meetings
  • Hosting a podcast
  • Supporting listservs
  • Publishing the latest treatment court news