Drug Court Review Journal

Volume 1; Winter 2018

Winter 2018 Issue on Veterans Treatment Courts

The winter 2018 issue of The Drug Court Review focuses on veterans treatment courts (VTCs) to develop a deeper understanding of how these courts work. The issue is a curated compilation of research articles, a practitioner note, and a legal commentary designed to increase knowledge about VTCs and call attention to areas in need of inquiry or further consideration.

Vol 1 Issue Information

Table of Contents:

  1. Foreword
    Dean Vicky Wilkins, School of Public Affairs, American University
  2. Introduction
    Dr. Julie Baldwin
  3. Developing the Veterans Treatment Court
    Robert T. Russell, Jr.
  4. Identifying Those Who Served: Modeling Potential Participant Identification in Veterans Treatment Courts
    Julie Marie Baldwin, Richard D. Hartley, Erika J. Brooke
  5. Perception of Procedural Justice and Legal Legitimacy in Veterans Treatment Courts: Correlates with PTSD Risk Factors
    John M. Gallagher, Elise A. Warner
  6. An Exploratory Study of Veterans Treatment Court Peer Mentors: Roles, Experiences, and Expectations
    Paul A. Lucas
  7. “We Quell the Storm and Ride the Thunder”: The Legalization of Treatment in Veterans Treatment Courts
    Nicole M. Sherman
  8. The Constitutionality of a Prosecutorial Veto in Veterans Treatment Courts
    Gregory G. Pinski

Coming Soon

The JPO team is working on the next issue of The Drug Court Review for publication in September 2019; it will focus on innovative treatments and approaches employed by specialized court programs.