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Drug Court Review

A Publication of the National Drug Court Resource Center

The Drug Court Review is a peer-reviewed journal established to promote research on issues relevant to the treatment court field. The journal seeks to inform practitioners and scholars alike about innovations in criminal justice practices, court operations, mental and behavioral health care, substance use disorder treatment, veterans' programs, and more.

Winter 2018: Inaugural Issue

portrait of american military father carrying little daughter

The winter 2018 issue of Drug Court Review focuses on veterans treatment courts (VTCs) to develop a deeper understanding of how these courts work. The issue is a curated compilation of research articles, a practitioner note, and a legal commentary designed to increase knowledge about VTCs and call attention to areas in need of inquiry or further consideration.


Coming Soon

The JPO team is working on the next issue of Drug Court Review for publication in June 2019; it will focus on innovative treatments and approaches employed by specialized court programs.