DUI/DWI Court Resources

This page contains information by treatment court type. These resources build upon the information featured on the “Essential Readings” page and provide detailed information for how you can best meet the needs of your specified target populations.

Foundational Information

These resources serve as the foundation for each court type and all team members should be well-versed in their content. Examples include: standards, guidelines, multisite evaluation results, etc. 

Operational Information

These sample documents are used by similar treatment court program types across the US and can be adapted for use within your program. Examples include: policy and procedure manuals, sanctions/incentives grids, participant handbooks, exit surveys, phase checklists, medication contracts, etc. 

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Beltrami County DWI Court Manualpolicy-and-procedure
Valencia County DWI Drug Court Procedures Manualpolicy-and-procedure
Marathon County DWI Court Policies and Procedures Guidepolicy-and-procedure
Greene County DWI Court Phase Advancement Requirementsphases
Denver County Phase Advancement Applicationphases
San Miguel County Magistrate DWI Sobriety Court Phase 3 Contractphases
Orange County What is DUI Courthandbooks
Duluth DWI Court Participant Handbookhandbooks
Sonoma DUI Court Participant Handbookhandbooks
Michigan Sobriety Court Offender Eligibility Criteriaentry-forms
Michigan 96th District Sobriety Court Participant Agreemententry-forms
DUI Compliance Court Tier 1 Client Instructionsentry-forms
Union County DWI Court Program Contractentry-forms
San Miguel County Magistrate DWI Court Waiver of Counselentry-forms
San Miguel County Magistrate DWI Court Rules and Regulationsentry-forms
Sante Fe County DWI Drug Court Consent Form for Confidential Informationconfidentiality
Greene County DWI Court Consent Formconfidentiality
Valencia County DWI Drug Court Consent Formconfidentiality
Developing and Implementing a Regional DWI Court in Michiganadmin-resources
NCDC Sample New Staff Orientation Sheet for DWI Courtadmin-resources
Greene County DWI Court Goals and Objectivesadmin-resources