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Use and Misuse of Psychological Testing in the Evaluation of Black Patients

September 16 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

This presentation will provide examples of the misapplication of psychological testing in Black people. The developers of some psychological tests and the practitioners who administer them are typically not trained psychometricians. Consequently, some tests have not been published in peer-reviewed journals, have not been normed for the subjects tested either by age, race, or gender, and therefore are not valid. Despite this, the tests may serve a social function which makes them of more value than tests that have been validated; for example, mass incarceration or the criminal justice system. It is therefore important to identify the origin of the test, whether the test has been peer-reviewed, validated and normed for the test subject. Also, the clinician should ensure that the test is serving the needs of the test subject rather than a social agenda. The consequences for the test subject span a broad area, from mass incarceration and potentially inappropriate psychological and pharmacological management.




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