Grant Writing Resources

Grant Writing Resources

Examples of Adult Drug Court program narratives:

Statewide funding program narrative

Enhancement funding program narrative

Enhancement funding program narrative (2)

Implementation funding program narrative


Adult Drug Courts 

These resources describe the basic elements that define effective drug courts.  The purpose of each aspect is explained along with guidance for implementation and performance benchmarks.


Juvenile and Family Drug Courts 

These are publications dealing with current research in Family and Juvenile Drug Courts


DWI Courts 

Documents and publications provided by the National Center for DWI Courts


Tribal Healing-to-Wellness Courts 

The Tribal Court Clearinghouse is a project of the Tribal Law and Policy Institute and provides extensive information on tribal drug court specific resources.


Veterans Treatment Courts 

Documents and publications provided by Justice for Vets.


Mental Health and Co-Occurring Disorder Courts

These resources will help you in the screening and treatment with clients in your Mental Health or Co-Occurring Court


Health Care Reform

The changes brought forth by the Affordable Care Act will have significant implications for substance abuse treatment systems; including drug courts. The ACA publications and Resources are the most up-to-date
resources and publications on the Affordable Care Act.


Identifying Target Population

Research shows that drug courts work best for individuals who are both high-risk and high-need.  These and fact sheets review research and evidence to assist programs in the proper targeting for their drug courts.


Evidence-Based Practices

In order to ensure fidelity to the drug court model, it is important that programs utilize best practices.  These websites and monograph provide research to guide drug courts in their efforts to reach a higher standard of operations.


Medication Assisted Treatment

These resources provide an introduction to the use of Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) in drug court


Additional Resources

These resources will provide additional information on BJA approved trainings offered by NDCI, a listing of state drug court coordinators and the OJP Financial Guide.