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Below you will find the multimedia resources, related to problem solving courts, that JPO has produced.

Podcast Series

On the Docket with the National Drug Court Resource Center is a podcast series that explores problem-solving courts working to address substance use, mental health, and co-occurring disorders within the criminal justice system.  These voluntary programs serve as a form of deferred adjudication that focuses on rehabilitation and treatment, rather than incarceration.

This podcast and the National Drug Court Resource Center are brought to you by the Justice Programs Office, a center within the School of Public Affairs at American University, and in part by the Bureau of Justice Assistance, which is housed under the Department of Justice.  The ideas and thoughts expressed in this podcast do not directly reflect those of the Justice Programs Office, American University, the Bureau of Justice Assistance, or the Department of Justice.

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Hosted and produced by Anna Koozmin, Program Assistant at the Justice Programs Office
Music: "Skipping in the No Standing Zone" by Peter Gresser

Episode 1 - Family Treatment Court Basics with Evan Elkin

In the first episode, we introduce the National Drug Court Resource Center and explore the basics of family treatment courts with Evan Elkin, the Executive Director of Reclaiming Futures.

Episode 2 - Behind the Scenes of Family Treatment Courts with Jill Murphy

In the second episode, we speak with Jill Murphy, the program supervisor of the King County Family Treatment Court. Our conversation includes discussion of how family treatment courts function and discuss innovative strategies for working with participants of family treatment courts.

Episode 3 - Advice from a Family Treatment Court Graduate

In the final episode of On the Docket with the National Drug Court Resource Center’s three-part series on family treatment courts, we meet with Teresa Anderson-Harper, a graduate of the King County Family Treatment Court.
Episodes are available to download through the iTunes Podcast Store. Check back for more episodes!


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Responding to the Opioid Crisis: National and Local Approaches

Webinar provides an overview of current Bureau of Justice Assistance initiatives to address the opioid crisis and how local jurisdictions are creating programs and leveraging resources. Click the title to learn more.

Check out our library of recorded webinars here. Topics include treatment, working with minority populations, sustainability of your program, and much more!