NDCIR Volume X

Guest Issue

The 2016 issue of the Drug Court Review explains findings from the national cross-site evaluation of Juvenile Drug Courts and the Reclaiming Futures program, which shifts the focus of the court from prosecution to quality treatment, access, and continuing care.

Table of Contents

Sally Stevens

Douglas B. Marlowe, Carolyn D. Hardin, Carson L. Fox

Michael L. Dennis, Pamela C. Baumer, Sally Stevens

Alison Greene, Erika Ostlie, Raanan Kagan, Monica Davis

Pamela C. Baumer, Josephine D. Korchmaros, Elizabet S. Valdez

Josephine D. Korchmaros, Pamela C. Baumer, Elizabeth S. Valdez 

Alison Greene, Kendra Thompson-Dyck, Megan S. Wright, Monica Davis, Katie Haverly

Raanan kagan, Erika M. Ostlie

Jennifer Tyson