Program Evaluation Tools
Below are a variety of resources related to program evaluation for treatment courts. The articles, monographs, and tools provided are intended to assist courts in developing and executing effective and comprehensive process, outcomes, and other types of evaluations. Be sure to check back often as this page will be updated regularly.
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Introductory Handbook for DWI Court Program Evaluationsoutcome_evaluation
Best Practices in Treatment Court Evaluationoutcome_process_evaluation
Local Drug Court Research Navigating Performance Measures and Process Evaluationsoutcome_process_evaluation
Action Research Using Information to Improve Your Drug Courtoutcome_process_evaluation
Exploring The Key Components Comparative Study on 18 Adult Drug Courts on Practices Outcomes and Costsoutcome_process_evaluation
Improving Outcomes Through Better Data Tracking Use of Technology in Problem-Solving Courts and Beyonddata-collection-tools
Need to Know Multisite Adult Drug Court Evaluationoutcome_process_evaluation
Randomized Controlled Trial of Measure 57 Intensive Drug Court Medium-to High-Risk Property Offendersoutcome_process_evaluation
Report on the Effectiveness of Drug Courts in New Hampshire Vermont and Mainecost-benefit-analysis
What Makes a Court Problem-Solving? Universal Performance Indicators for Problem-Solving Justiceprocess-evaluation-tools
A Bayesian Meta-Analysis of Drug Court Cost Effectivenesscost-benefit-analysis
Cost Benefit Analysis A Guide for Drug Courts and Other Criminal Justice Programscost-benefit-analysis
Cost Benefit Analysis of Criminal Justice Reformscost-benefit-analysis
A Statewide Evaluation of New Yorks Adult Drug Courts Identifying Which Policies Work Bestoutcome_evaluation
Hennepin County Veterans Court Evaluationoutcome_evaluation
Osage-Gasconade Counties Adult Treatment Court 4-Track Model Program and Cost Evaluation Reportoutcome_evaluation
The Hamilton County Drug Court Outcome Evaluation Findingsoutcome_evaluation
The Nassau Juvenile Treatment Court Program Outcomes and Impact Evaluationoutcome_evaluation
A Process Evaluation of the Manhattan Mental Health Courtprocess-evaluation-tools
Greene County Adult Drug Court Process Evaluation Reportprocess-evaluation-tools
Criminal Justice Interventions for Offenders with Mental Illnessoutcome_process_evaluation
Juvenile Drug Courts A Process Outcome and Impact Evaluationoutcome_process_evaluation
Kalamazoo County Adult Drug Treatment Court Outcome and Cost Evaluationoutcome_process_evaluation
Ramsey County DWI Court Process Outcome and Cost Evaluation Reportoutcome_process_evaluation
Snohomish County Adult Drug Treatment Court Process Outcome and Cost-Benefit Evaluationoutcome_process_evaluation
South Dakota Drug Courts Program Evaluation Reportoutcome_process_evaluation
Tennessee Statewide Drug Court Evaluation and Training Projectoutcome_process_evaluation
The Allegheny County Mental Health Court Evaluation Process and Impact Findingsoutcome_process_evaluation