Adult Treatment Court Resources

Foundational Information

These resources serve as the foundation for adult drug courts and all team members should be well-versed in their content. Examples include: best practice standards, 10 key components, etc.

Operational Information

These sample documents are used by similar treatment court program types across the US and can be adapted for use within your program. Examples include: policy and procedure manuals, sanctions/incentives grids, participant handbooks, exit surveys, phase checklists, medication contracts, etc. 

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NADCP Adult Drug Court Planning Initiative Guide to Creating a Participant Handbookadmin-resources
NADCP Adult Drug Court Planning Process Checklistadmin-resources
NDCI Sample Memorandum of Understanding Best Practice Standardsadmin-resources
NDCI Sample New Drug Court Staff Orientation Sheetadmin-resources
Placer County Adult Drug Court Mentors in Treatment Program Policies and Proceduresadmin-resources
Recovery Maintenance Check Inadmin-resources
Bristol Virginia Courthouse Healthcare Provider Requestadmin-resources
Cascade County Participant Task Listadmin-resources
Colorado State Courts Strategic Planningadmin-resources
Hamilton County Adult Drug Court Sustainability Planadmin-resources
OASAS Consent to Release Info Concerning Chemical Dependence Treatmentconfidentiality
Problem Solving Courts Confidentiality Agreement for Courtroom Visitorsconfidentiality
Benton County Authorization for Disclosure of Photographsconfidentiality
Henry County Resource Court Confidentiality Statementconfidentiality
Henry County Waiver and Consent for Release of Confidential Informationconfidentiality
Santa Fe County Drug Court Fee Waiverentry-forms
McHenry County Drug Court Sentencing Orderentry-forms
Lee County Felony Drug Court Plea Form and Probation Agreemententry-forms
Iowa Eighth Judicial District Drug Court Referral Screening Policy and Proceduresentry-forms
Henry County Resource Court Inclusion Exclusion Criteriaentry-forms
DeKalb County Drug DUI Court Participant Contractentry-forms
Bexar County Felony Drug Court Information Questionnaireentry-forms
Adams County Drug Court Client Contract and Agreemententry-forms
West Virginia Drug Court Defense Counsel Agreemententry-forms
Walworth County Drug Court Defense Review Packetentry-forms
Teton County Drug Court Supervised Treatment Case Planentry-forms
West Virginia Adult Treatment Courts Exit Interviewexit-forms
Jackson County Treatment Court Conditional Discharge Court Orderexit-forms
Kosciusko County Problem Solving Court Pre Graduation Packetexit-forms
Mendocino County Drug Court Graduation Applicationexit-forms
NADCP Sample Exit Interview Best Practice Standardsexit-forms
Waukesha County Drug Treatment Court Participant Handbookhandbooks
Adams County Drug Court Client Handbookhandbooks
Lewis County Adult Drug Court Participant Handbookhandbooks
Denver Adult Drug Court Sanctions and Incentives Policyincentives-and-sanctions
Drug Treatment Court Bi Monthly Sanctions Gridincentives-and-sanctions
Palm Beach Drug Court Table of Sanctionsincentives-and-sanctions
Teton County DUI Drug Court Blank Sanction Hearing Formincentives-and-sanctions
Clatsop County Treatment Court Reward Intervention Scaleincentives-and-sanctions
NDCI Behavior Modification Incentives and Sanctionsincentives-and-sanctions
NDCI Phase Requirements Best Practice Standardsphases
NDCI Phase Requirement Sample Weekly Sheetphases
Palm Beach County Drug Court Phase Advancement Formphases
Palm Beach County Drug Court Phase Advancement Tracking Sheetphases
Philadelphia Treatment Court Phase Milestonesphases
Las Vegas Drug Court Phase Completion Surveyphases
Montgomery County Court Phase Advancementphases
NADCP Phase 1 Handbookphases
NADCP Treatment Court Passportphases
Waukesha County Drug Treatment Court Policies and Procedures Manualpolicy-and-procedure
Winona County Drug Court Policies and Procedures Manualpolicy-and-procedure
Womens Rehabilitation Alternative Probation WRAP Treatment Program Policy and Procedure Manualpolicy-and-procedure
Cibola County Adult Drug Court Policy and Procedures Manualpolicy-and-procedure
NADCP Adult Model Policies and Procedures Best Practice Standardspolicy-and-procedure
Sample ADC Phases High-Risk-Low-Needphases
Sample ADC Phases Low-Risk-High-Needphases
Need to Know Research Update on Adult Drug Courtsfact-sheet
A Challenging Design Addressing Synthetic and Designer Drugs in Adult Courtsfact-sheet
Drug Court Practitioner Fact Sheet Targeting the Right Participants for ADCs pt1 of2fact-sheet
Drug Court Practitioner Fact Sheet Targeting the Right Participants for ADCs pt2 of2fact-sheet
Behavior Modification 101 for Drug Courts Making the Most of Incentives and Sanctionsfact-sheet
NY State Adult Treatment Court Recommended Practicesadmin-resources
McHenry County Adult Treatment Court Participant Manualhandbooks
NADCP List of Incentives and Sanctionsincentives-and-sanctions
Polygraphs and Treatment Courtfact-sheet