Juvenile Treatment Court Resources

Foundational Information

These resources serve as the foundation for juvenile drug courts and all team members should be well-versed in their content.

Operational Information

These sample documents are used by similar treatment court program types across the US and can be adapted for use within your program. Examples include: policy and procedure manuals, sanctions/incentives grids, participant handbooks, exit surveys, phase checklists, medication contracts, etc. 

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Starting a Juvenile Drug Court A Planning Guideadmin-resources
Lockport NY Young Adult Court Parental Responsibilities Contractentry-forms
Lockport NY Young Adult Court Personal Goals for 6 Monthsentry-forms
Lockport NY Young Adult Court Program Participant Agreemententry-forms
Juvenile Drug Court Contractentry-forms
Juvenile Problem-Solving Court Screening Instrumententry-forms
South Central Juvenile Drug Court Exit Questionnaireexit-forms
Caroline County Drug Court Exit Surveyexit-forms
North Dakota Juvenile Drug Court Program Manualpolicy-and-procedure
Fairbanks Alaska Juvenile Drug Court Manualpolicy-and-procedure
Need to Know Research Update on Juvenile Drug Courtsfact-sheet
Changing Behavior Incentives and Sanctions in Juvenile Dependency Drug Courtfact-sheet
6th Judicial District Court Juvenile TC Program Opportunity Court Participant Handbookhandbooks
West Virginia Juvenile Drug Court Policy and Procedure Manualpolicy-and-procedure
Juvenile Supervised Treatment and Recovery STAR Referral Formentry-forms
Missoula County Youth Treatment Court Participation Contract and Informed Consententry-forms
Missoula County Youth Treatment Court Referral Formentry-forms
Missoula County Youth Treatment Court Participant Handbookhandbooks
El Paso County Sample Incentives and Sanctions Data Collection Worksheetincentives-and-sanctions