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Participate in the Drug Treatment Court Community

JPO hosts active listservs for members of the drug court community. Members of the listserv can communicate with colleagues throughout the country working in treatment courts. Share best practices, tips, and get help from your colleagues.

Veterans Treatment Court ListServ

We work to expand the reach of Veterans Treatment Courts by working at the local, state and national level. Through the creation of a nationwide network, we are transforming the way veterans are handled in the criminal justice system. Veterans Treatment Courts work to:

  • Keep veterans out of jail and prison
  • Save the lives veterans and their families while providing for their futures
  • Maximize American tax dollars in achieving veteran rehabilitation

Juvenile Drug Treatment Court (JDTC) ListServ

The JDTC interactive listserv is a way for you to connect with other practitioners in the field. If you have an issue that you are struggling to address in your court or program, chances are someone else has dealt with it too. This listserv gives you an opportunity to:

  • Connect to the nation-wide JDTC community;
  • Ask questions of others in the field;
  • Assist other juvenile drug treatment courts and programs address their concerns; and
  • Share resources on issues unique to the JDTC field.

Rural Drug Treatment Courts ListServ

We created the Rural Drug Court Listserv to promote an opportunity for ongoing communication, networking and information sharing for drug court practitioners in rural communities. By joining, we offer you an interactive way to:

  • Connect, share and exchange ideas with colleagues across the internet
  • Identify useful online resources and experts who may be helpful
  • Find new, creative solutions to special challenges facing drug courts

National Drug Treatment Court ListServ

Receive critical information and updates, along with announcements about trainings, conferences and more. Share ideas and stories with drug treatment court professionals about how our programs:

  • Reduce crime
  • Help people get treatment
  • Save taxpaying citizens money, while putting families back together

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