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Topic: Addiction Recovery

Critical Treatment Issues Session 5: Relapse, Continued Use and Continued Problems – What to Do

Assessment of relapse potential for preventive actions and assessment of poor outcomes of reuse and addiction flare–ups. What to do that continues treatment, not discharge or , and sanctions; positive drug screens and what to do in early phases of problem–solving courts versus in later phases; discu…

Critical Treatment Issues Webinar Session 3: Challenging Case in Family Drug Court

The third webinar in the Critical Treatment Issues webinar series presents a Challenging Case submitted to the BJA Drug Court Technical Assistance Project at American University.

Critical Treatment Issues Webinar Session 1: What to expect from state-of-the-art addiction treatment for criminal justice populations in applying the new ASAM Criteria

This webinar reviews how addiction is a brain disease with biopsychosocial-spiritual manifestations, causes and treatment needs; and how the ASAM (American Society of Addiction Medicine) criteria is applied to criminal justice clients. It explains how comprehensive multidimensional assessment and pe…

Addiction and the Neuroscience of the Brain

The focus of this webinar is upon helping participants understand the changes that occur in the brain as a result of chemical dependency.

The Urgency to Address Trauma in our Treatment Courts: What It Means to be Trauma-Informed

This webinar was presented by Karen Johnson, LCSW, from the National Council for Behavioral Health. When the topic of trauma arises, many people initially think of veteran populations. However, traumatic experiences can result from a variety of events throughout a person’s life, including childhood…

Certification of Appreciation (Graduation Certificate)

This is a template for a Certification of Appreciation/Program Completion in the Mendocino County Adult Drug Court.

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The Verdict on Drug Courts and Other Problem-Solving Courts

This article is about the research on the effects of problem solving courts on those with substance use disorders to aid in potential policy development.

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Research Report Series: Inhalant Abuse

This report series examines the extent of inhalant abuse in these last several years.

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