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Topic: Culture

A Technical Assistance Guide For Drug Court Judges on Drug Court Treatment Services

This document provides a guide for newly assigned judges that are expected to preside over a drug court program to serve as a quick primer to assist them in (a) becoming familiar with the key elements and evidence-based practices that should be reflected in the treatment services provided to drug co…

The Impact of Gender in the Drug Court Setting

Presented by Paul Warren (LMSW, NDRI), the focus of the first half of this webinar is upon defining “gender,” describing the importance and relevance of addressing issues relating to gender in the drug court setting, and providing participants with practical suggestions for effectively planning and…

Screening and Assessment Webinar

Presented by Paul Warren (NDRI), the focus of the presentation is to increase participants’ knowledge about useful screening and assessment instruments for co-occurring disorders (CODs).

Gender Responsive Strategies for Women Offenders in Drug Court

Presented by Diana Padilla (NDRI), this presentation discusses underlying factors that are relevant to criminal activity involving women, such as sexual abuse and trauma, and how these factors can lead to women engaging in criminal activity. She describes gender responsiveness is defined as “underst…

Improving Cultural Proficiency in Drug Court Part 2: Screening & Assessment

The focus of this webinar is upon describing the importance of cultural proficiency in the screening and assessment processes.

Improving Cultural Proficiency in Drug Court Programs Part 1: Introduction to Culture

The focus of this first session is to present participants with an introduction to culture and the effect it has in drug courts.

Drug Court Cultural Needs Assessment

This form can be used by Drug Courts to assess their ability to meet various cultural needs in the areas of training, staffing, as well as in the courtroom.

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