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Topic: Drug Court

A Technical Assistance Guide For Drug Court Judges on Drug Court Treatment Services

This document provides a guide for newly assigned judges that are expected to preside over a drug court program to serve as a quick primer to assist them in (a) becoming familiar with the key elements and evidence-based practices that should be reflected in the treatment services provided to drug co…

Critical Treatment Issues Session 8: Challenging Drug Court Case

The eighth webinar in the Critical Treatment Issues webinar series presents a Challenging Case submitted to the BJA Drug Court Technical Assistance Project at American University.

Critical Treatment Issues Session 7: How Do We Get There From Here?

Attitude changes in court personnel and treatment providers to create the collaborative team; what treatment provider reports should include informing court personnel on real change and outcomes; what treatment providers can expect of court teams to support outcomes we all want; systems changes nece…

Buffalo Drug Court Management Information System Webinar Series

This two part interactive webinar series demonstrates key features of the Buffalo Drug Court Management Information System for drug court staff who are interested in “hands-on” demonstration of its key features. The session was conducted by Jose Ferrer of the Buffalo City Drug Court who, with Judge…

Rural Drug Courts: Challenges and Solutions

The focus of this webinar is to the special challenges encountered by drug courts and their treatment providers in rural and frontier areas of the country and responses that have proven effective. Presenters provided a detailed look into each of these challenges and how some of the existing rural pr…

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Improving Cultural Proficiency in Drug Court Part 2: Screening & Assessment

The focus of this webinar is upon describing the importance of cultural proficiency in the screening and assessment processes.

Improving Cultural Proficiency in Drug Court Programs Part 1: Introduction to Culture

The focus of this first session is to present participants with an introduction to culture and the effect it has in drug courts.

Bio-Psycho Service Needs: Strategies to Engage and Retain Young Adults in Drug Court Programs

Presented by Andrew Osborne (NDRI), this presentation focuses on bio/medical and psychological issues typically associated the young adult population in drug court, including hepatitis and HIV. Mr. Osborne discusses juvenile strategies that may be applied to the young adult population for interventi…