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WrittenBy: Shelli Rossman

Do Adult Drug Courts Work? Drugs, Crime, and Other Psychosocial Outcomes

This is a power point that discusses the effectiveness of adult drug court programs and whether the outcomes they are set to accomplish are being completed successfully.
Topics: Drug Court

Review of NIJ’s Multi-Site Adult Drug Court Evaluation

This PowerPoint delivers information on drug courts and comparison courts as well as describing how drug courts operate.

The Multi-site Adult Drug Court Evaluation: The Impact of Drug Courts

This evaluation utilized a number of references for data and research to come up with very detailed and informative conclusions.

Criminal Justice Interventions for Offenders with Mental Illness: Evaluation of Mental Health Courts in Bronx and Brooklyn, New York

This report examines process and impact evaluation of the Brooklyn and Bronx Mental Health Court programs. 

Does Recent Physical and Sexual Victimization Affect Further Substance Use for Adult Drug-Involved Offenders?

This study examined whether physical and sexual victimization experiences were related to further substance use for a sample of drug-involved adult offenders and whether this increase could be attributed to depression experienced after the victimization occurred.

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The Multisite Adult Drug Court Evaluation

This document is a Multisite Adult Drug Court Evaluation report that was done over a time span of 5 years that compared the services and outcomes of twenty-three adult Drug Courts from seven regions in the U.S.

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The Multi-site Adult Drug Court Evaluation: The Drug Court Experience

This document is a multi-year, process, impact, and cost-benefit evaluation of drug court impact funded by the National Institute of Justice.

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